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Forex Fury EA Review: Trade Without Emotions!

Emotions are lethal in Forex trading!

It is nearly impossible for a person to set aside his emotions while trading currencies in the biggest trading market. A person’s greed, anger, anxiety, or excitement affects his decision-making ability.

Consequently, he sometimes suffers heavy losses. 

But, thanks to technology! Setting aside emotions during trading is 100% possible. 

A powerful and well-equipped Forex EA can trade currencies and open positions according to the parameters set by the trader. A Forex EA can trade currencies on autopilot mode and without involving any pinch of emotion. 

Today we will introduce you to Forex Fury, an advanced EA claiming a winning record of 93%. Let’s review this Forex EA and throw light on its fantastic features.

Forex Fury EA Review – Introduction

Forex Fury is one of the most advanced Forex EAs that automates live trading accounts. Forex Fury is a product by Forex Robot Nation.  

This Forex EA has been designed for all traders, irrespective of their trading experience. Anyone from a beginner trader to the advanced can use this Forex EA to ace his trading and multiply his investments. 

One of the best things about this Forex EA is its compatibility with many popular trading platforms, including MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. 

Furthermore, it is packed with powerful features such as trend filter, news filter, and remarkable money management systems. These features help traders conduct proper analysis and calculate risks in the market.

Forex Fury’s Trading Currency Pairs

Forex Fury supports major and minor currency pairs in the market. Some of these pairs include:


Let’s talk about the working of Forex Fury.

Working of Forex Fury

When Forex Fury detects positive and favorable market situations, it requires Forex signals to place long and short orders.

The advanced programming of this EA enables it to automatically identify the market trends and execute trades without requiring human supervision. 

There are a lot of Forex robots that trade for long periods. However, Forex Fury deploys day trading in a shorter time period. It trades currency during low volatility and seeks consistent opportunities to maximize gains and control drawdowns.

The team has designed a scalping trading strategy for helping both types of trades, i.e., newbies and pros. The strategy is a blend of low, medium, and high-risk techniques. A trade can apply this strategy to different Forex currency pairs.

Installation of Forex Fury

Installing Forex Fury is a no-brainer. Upon purchasing this Forex EA, the customer team provides an installation guide and a video to download and integrate the Forex EA.

If someone cannot download the EA, he can connect with the customer team and share his queries. 

You do not need to hire any professional for its installation.

Performance of Forex Fury

According to the developers of Forex Fury, it has a winning record of 95%. These claims are backed by 15 years of backtesting data, which is available on

The backtesting data and trading results vouch for the claims of developers. Forex Fury has won 1577 trades out of 1659.

Have a look at the image below to see the exceptional performance of Forex Fury.

The Latest Version of Forex Fury in 2022

Forex Fury’s fantastic team believes in improving and providing valuable services to its clients. For this reason, the team consistently researches the market and identifies traders’ needs. They introduce new features and tools and improve the overall performance of the EA.

In 2022, the new version of Forex Fury BETA V5 was rolled out. The developers have included new features to enable traders to open better and more profitable positions in the market.

The new features include:

  • Advanced Trend Filters 

Understanding patterns and price swings is essential for Forex traders. The BETA version of Forex Fury has a fantastic trend filter. Traders can use this filter to view trends by selecting their desired time window.

Traders can establish a strong trading strategy by observing and recognizing trends.

  • News Filter 

Forex traders place a high emphasis on news. A trader must be well informed on the country’s economic, political, and social news because it significantly impacts currency pairs.

The news filter is a new feature in the BETA version. This feature provides traders with critical market news. Furthermore, traders can filter or search for certain news.

  • Fierce Martingale Strategy Protection 

Forex Fury BETA uses a very aggressive Martingale strategy. It can protect a trader’s position and investment in volatile market conditions.

  • A Sophisticated Money Management System

Money Management Changes can potentially increase a trader’s success and growth in the Forex market. It allows traders to lower their risks, maintain their performance, and establish more attractive positions.

Price Plans Offered by Forex Fury 

Forex Fury offers two price plans to traders. These plans are super affordable and packed with important features for traders.

The following table enlists the important features of both price plans:


Gold Membership

Diamond Membership

Price The price of a gold membership is $229.99 The price of the diamond membership is $439.99
License It licenses 1 live trading account. It licenses 2 live trading accounts. 
Membership Fee No membership fees. No membership fees.
Demo Accounts  Unlimited demo accounts.  Unlimited demo accounts.
Suitable For  The gold package is best for beginner and intermediate traders. The diamond package is best for advanced traders.
Inactivity Fee $0 $0
Payment Schedule One-time payment at the time of purchase. One-time payment at the time of purchase. 

Is Forex Fury a Reliable Forex EA?

Unlike other Forex EAs in the market, Forex Fury has a proper customer team and a virtual presence.

Moreover, you can easily find its backtesting data and trading results at There are plenty of Forex products in the market that are bogus. The sellers promise a remarkable result to tempt the trader to buy it. However, these products often do not work, resulting in a total waste of money.

However, that’s not the case with Forex Fury. It is one of the most advanced, reliable, and trusted Forex EA in the market. 

Many smart traders trust Forex Fury for automating their accounts. Have a look at some of the client testimonials of Forex Fury.

What Do Traders Think of Forex Fury?

Forex Fury has a positive rating on Trustpilot, Slashdot, Sitejabber, and many other authentic review portals. 

This Forex EA has earned positive reviews and a 4 to 5-star rating from plenty of traders worldwide.

Client Testimonials on Trustpilot

These positive reviews clearly indicate the advanced performance of this EA. The following are some of the reviews on

Client Testimonials on Slashdot

Forex Fury Review: The Final Verdict 

Forex Fury has a proven track record and is one of the most effective forex auto-trading EAs. The software works with all MT4 and MT5 brokers and is suitable for forex traders of all skill levels. Myfxbook has verified that its live trading accounts are lucrative, aiming to achieve double-digit monthly portfolio growth.

If you are interested in purchasing Forex EA, ensure to visit its website, social media pages, and trusted reviews websites to learn more about this EA. 

Moreover, you can connect with this responsive customer team to answer all your queries.

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