How Can Dogs Improve Human Health?

We often term dogs as human’s best friends, as the best antidepressants. Recently, it has been a fascinating topic for scientists to understand how dogs help in boosting well-being. A few years ago, there was no clarity on when dogs became domesticated. But, one of the recent studies says that dogs were tamed by humans around 20,000-40,000 years ago near Europe. This can conclude that humans and dogs have been a mutual connection since the Neolithic period.

Dogs are cousins of wolves, and the mutual relationship between humans and dogs has helped human beings keep their possessions safe. In addition, dogs were (and still are) very beneficial for guarding homes and cattle. Dogs were trained a long time ago to do this, and slowly they have also been bred with the required amount of cuteness and convenience. Dogs are always highly valued companions, and they are always praised for their loyalty. In addition, many recent researche studies have shown that dogs keep their dog parents in good health, and this article is all about that, so keep reading it.

How do dogs keep their pet parents in good health?

  • Recently Harvard University concluded that dog owners have lower chances of heart diseases. This can happen because a pet owner has to make a series of lifestyle changes when they bring home a four-legged friend. Things like waking up early, going on a walk being more active around the home… These significant lifestyle changes benefit humans and also bless their hearts.
  • Another intuitive benefit of having dogs around is that instant feel-good vibe that comes along with them. It is tough not to cheer around a dog even when you have a hard day at work. Some research has shown that being around dogs shoots up the oxytocin hormone. This hormone is ‌responsible for the social bonding release of the hormone oxytocin which helps human cognition to a great extent.

So these are two ways dogs benefit human beings. Suppose you are someone who is going through a difficult time. Like stressful work situations, staying away from family, fighting depression, and losing someone near and dear, having a dog around can benefit greatly. It might feel like a lot of work will increase around the house if you get a dog; that is true, but the rewards of having a furry buddy are mentioned above. And things mentioned above are entirely accurate; that is why it is worth getting them home.

As a dog parent, you will be your dog’s primary caretaker, and you have to be responsible for keeping them healthy. One of the most recommended things is to get dog insurance as soon as you get them home. Having dog insurance will reduce the stress of unexpected vet expenses, because it will cover much of the expenses for testing and treating illness and injury, this means; it provides a significant amount of peace of mind. Pet insurance has become highly common these days, so if you want a policy, you easily find affordable pet insurance online. As pet insurance exists to mitigate monetary expenses, it is entirely worthwhile to get cover before you bring your dog home so that you can have a happy, healthy mindset.

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