How to Use Custom-Printed Window Decals to Save Birds

Do you know that billions of birds collide with windows across the globe every year? The popular belief is that birds don’t notice the transparent glass windows and fly into them. But, that’s not the case.

It’s actually what the birds see in the reflections of the glass windows that makes them crash. Birds see two types of reflections in glass windows, one during daytime and the other during nighttime.

  • During the day, birds crash into the glass panels of windows because they see green reflections. It might be the vegetation surrounding the building.
  • It may also be potted plants on the other side of the windows. Whatever it is – birds can’t understand that whatever reflections they see on the glass panels are not real.
  • At night, nocturnal birds fly into the glass panels of lighted windows. The light coming from your window may lure nocturnal migrants away from their original paths, causing them to collide.
  • There’s another reason why birds collide with glass window panels. They see their reflection in the window glass and attack it thinking they’re attacking a threat to their aerial territory.

Some are temporarily stunned and manage to fly away. However, most birds pick up severe internal injuries, especially in their brains, due to these collisions. The American Bird

Conservancy recently reported that every year, nearly 1 billion birds die from window collisions in the US. Every migration season, nearly 250,000 migratory birds die from window collisions in New York alone.

If you reside in a tall building and have several windows, you can make a difference.

How to Prevent Window Collisions in Your Property

If you don’t want birds needlessly colliding with your building’s windows, identify the most dangerous windows in your home. Typically, large windows with large glass panels are the most enticing for birds.

Also, take a look at your windows from the outside. Check what’s visible through the glass or what’s visible on the glass window’s reflections. Do you see greenery? If yes, the birds will   see the same.

To make your glass windows bird-friendly, you need to make them less appealing from a bird’s point of view. That’s where custom-printed window decals can be of immense help.

How to Use Custom Decals to Prevent Window Collisions

You can easily custom-create decals that reflect light and install them on your windows’ glass panels. The bright reflections will deter birds from crashing into the window. Many decal sellers offer template designs.

These templates feature tried and tested graphics that always deter birds from flying into them. Once you install these decals on your windows, the birds outside won’t see any reflections on them.

If you buy opaque decals, the birds won’t be able to see through the windows either. Your home will also get some privacy. click here the website you can find out the lots of information blastace Read more about topportal

Install Decals, Save Birds

Many homeowners choose to install window shutters, awnings, or shades to prevent birds from crashing through their windows. Those solutions work. But they are expensive. On the other hand, custom-printed decals are cheap, just as effective as awnings/shutters, and easily replaceable.

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