What Are The Different Wine Labels Available In The Market?

Wines are one of the most enjoyable drinks all around the world. Designing wine labels is a crucial task that requires special attention. Nowadays, people are showing interest to order online wine labels or customize them. Anyone closely observing companies’ wine labels may have noticed their different specialties. Designing wine labels has changed a lot in the last few years. Selecting the material for a wine label can be a daunting task. There are too many fine details that need to be focused on conveying the brand vision strongly. It is all about making an eye-catching design that can have aesthetic effects on the consumers. This article will describe the different types of wine labels available in the markets and the various materials.

Create depth with an emboss: Including an emboss on the product label can be a great way to attract the eyes of the consumers. It gives the product a high-end look, adding elegance to the packaging. The first thing that gets the attention of the consumers is the packing of the product.

Highlight the logo with a spot varnish: Decide to make a varnish on the label, which is an effective way to avoid the parchment-like texture. To create a focal point, one can also use a spot varnish that gives the product a glossy effect, grabbing attention. It is better to create hand-drawn typography to create an intriguing brand aesthetic. It is a highly demanding method in most cases.

Use the die-cutting method: To switch up the shape of the wine label, the company can figure out a unique shape. It is an exciting way to draw customers’ attention immediately.

Apply matte topcoat application: A matter varnish on the label can give it a smooth finish. It can cost a little higher, but it’s all worth it! There is no need for special tooling, providing the bottle with a sleek and modern look. Planning to order online wine labels? Always go with the minimal look with distinctive color combinations.

Know the bottle: The material of the wine bottle may impact the label. Different materials act differently in wet and cold weather. So check all of them before finishing the wine labels.


To order online wine labels, one should be knowledgeable enough about the materials. The quality of the bottle matters a lot in this case. A low-quality bottle might lack the ability to adhere to the label seamlessly. Matching the label colors with the bottle can give a crisp look, attracting the eyes. At the same time, the company should take care of the taper before engineering a label construction. To display the brand vision, labels play a crucial role. So keep in mind all the tips and then make the final selection.

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