What Foods Cause High DHT?

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a product of the conversion of testosterone into DHT. It is a male hormone that can be harmful to both men and women. High DHT levels are a major cause of unwanted hair growth and increased prostate problems, as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Several foods are thought to raise DHT levels. Biotin and zinc, which are essential for the production of DHT, are found in these foods.

Edamame beans

Did you know that edamame beans cause high DHS levels? This hormone is produced when testosterone in the body is converted into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Among other things, DHT can lead to unwanted hair growth, heart disease, and prostate problems. Studies have found that four common foods can increase DHT levels in the body. These foods are rich in biotin and zinc, which are needed for the production of DHT.

Myristic acid

While DHT may seem like a harmless molecule, it is a key factor in the development of prostate cancer. This hormone triggers puberty, causes secondary sexual characteristics, and promotes muscle growth. In addition, it contributes to fertility in adult males. As a result, appropriate levels of dht blocking foods in the body are vital for healthy sexual behaviors and pleasing our partners. That being said, we need to be cautious about circulating levels of this hormone, which can have negative effects.


Unlike other plants, which can cause hair loss and reduce testosterone levels, grapes contain a natural substance called OPCs, which inhibit the production of DHT in the body. This compound is important in preventing certain types of hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia. It also stimulates hair growth by reducing the sensitivity of follicles to sex hormones, including DHT.


Did you know that bananas cause high DHT? High DHT levels can lead to unwanted hair growth, prostate problems, and an increased risk of heart disease. A common myth is that certain foods are responsible for raising DHT levels. These foods are known to contain high amounts of biotin and zinc, two essential nutrients for the production of DHT. However, these foods are not known to cause these effects in all people.

Poppy seeds

If you’ve ever wondered if poppy seeds can cause a false positive drug test, you’re not alone. Research has demonstrated that the seeds of the opium poppy plant contain high levels of DHT. Although poppy seeds are low in opiates, they do contain trace amounts of morphine and codeine. In addition to this, poppy seeds are an excellent source of fiber. So, are poppy seeds addictive?


Researchers have demonstrated that curcumin can reduce ER stress in GCs induced by high DHT. Curcumin inhibits cleaved caspase-3, IRE1a, and Bax. In an in vitro study, GCs were treated with different concentrations of curcumin or 4m8C and exposed to high DHT. In both groups, curcumin reduced the levels of p-IRE1a and CHOP. Immunofluorescence assays measured the expression of cleaved-caspase-12 and Bax.


Ketoconazole for high DHT is a topical treatment that works by inhibiting the DHT pathway. DHT is the male sex hormone implicated in male and female pattern baldness. Excess levels of DHT reduce hair follicle size and cause hair growth cycles to shorten. While some DHT is needed to regulate hair growth phases, too much is a bad thing.

Flax seeds

It’s no secret that flaxseeds can cause a high DHT level in men. However, flaxseeds may also promote hair growth. In a 2014 study, researchers split sixteen rabbits into two groups. One group received regular food and another received a supplement containing crushed flaxseed. After a week, the researchers shaved a 10x10cm patch of hair from the backs of each group. They then measured the hair growth, both in length and quality.

Curcumin analogs

Studies have shown that curcumin inhibits cell proliferation and migration induced by VEGF. VEGF induces an increase in COX-2 expression and prostaglandin E(2) production. Inhibitors of the p38 MAPK and JNK pathways reduced curcumin’s effect on MDSCs. These findings suggest that curcumin inhibits the growth of MDSCs, and therefore, may have anticancer properties.

Krishna tila

Many men wonder if they should limit their intake of certain foods. Many foods are rich in biotin and zinc, two essential nutrients for DHT production. Getting enough zinc is vital to maintaining normal DHT levels. This article looks at three foods that can cause high levels of DHT in the body. Read on to learn more about each of these foods and the risks they pose. You may be surprised to find that you can still get enough zinc without sacrificing your health.

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